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(一). Facility

1. Processing Center
  Through introducing hi-tech equipment from USA, Russia, UK, Germany, Japan,ect, SISST is equipped with high, precision & top full-range processing equipment for cold & hot processing, surface treatment, rubber articles, CAD/CAM/CAE flexible precision processing .

2. Test Center
   It's equipped with GDS-850A glow discharge spectroscopic instrument of Leco Corporation , UH-F500KNC servo all-purpose material test machine of Wujin Corp.,ISOVOLT320HS industrial TV X-ray crack detection,ect advanced equipment with capacity of physical & chemical test and computation test,non-destructive test. SISST may offer inspection report in national level two.
3. Test Center
(1). 1500m simulated (15Mpa)deep-sea pressure test cabin (inner valid space: ф1800mmх3500mm)

(2). 10000m simulated (100Mpa)deep-sea pressure test cabin (inner valid space: ф300mmх1000mm)


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