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a) Business Scope
1. (Land . deep sea)R&D of air pressure, electronic, liquid nonstandard equipment .
2. (Land ,deep sea) R&D of dynamic, static test equipment .
3. (Land ,deep sea)R&D of displacement, stress, pressure, torque sensor and secondary instrument.
4. (Land ,deep sea)R&D of hydraulic system.
5. (Land ,deep sea) Manufacturing of compression-resistance cabin(Max. compression-resistance: 90Mpa)
6. (Land ,deep sea) high power non-brush DC motor and control system.
7. R&D of Abyssal direct-immersing high-energy silicon battery.
8. Physical and chemical analysis of various metal and nonmetal materials.
9. Analog simulation performance test for hydraulic, electric components in 6000M deep ocean.
10. Deep(shallow)sea pressure driving technology.
11. Maintenance technology of Imported hydraulic system

b) Developmental layout
  21st century is a new century for the human to discover and develop “Blue Economy”. As the last unexploring region, Abyssalpelagic area become a important place for oceanic interests strive for, hi-tech development, international cooperation and power showing, and it will reveal limitless business prospect. One more tender subject must be resolved before we explore it-which method we can use to explore mysterious ocean. In that purpose, we ally multi disciplinary technology, equipment and staff of military industry in West China to build national oceanic equipment R&D base, and offer scientific, fine-processing special ocean equipment with reliable quality and excellent technical arrangement and support for national ocean study and development.

c) Contact:
Add: Chengdu high-tech zone gao penggui avenue number 5 B a 501 
Post editor: 610041
TEL: 028-85144568
FAX: 028-85174669

  Add: Chengdu high-tech zone gao penggui avenue number 5 B a 501 
Post editor: 610041  Tel:028-85144568